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Country Comparisons

We've compiled a list of invaluable resources for comparing and analyzing country statistics. Each site allows you to compare and contrast national data using visual narratives (charts, maps, and graphs). Use the information to discover who's buying from whom?, who's selling to whom?, and where significant trends in demographics present the greatest potential for business success.

The Observatory of Economic Complexity map

The Observatory of Economic Complexity

The Observatory of Economic Complexity is a tool that allows users to quickly create a visual narrative about countries and the products they exchange. Who exports (or imports) what? And to whom?

NationMaster.com chart


A massive database of national statistics allows you to graphically compare countries using easy to analyze maps, charts and graphs.

Numbeo country comparison chart


Quickly compare the cost of living between two countries. Comparison of everything from grocery items, dining, and transportation, to clothing, utilities, rent, salaries and more.

The World Bank data chart

The World Bank Open Data

The World Bank's open data catalog allows you to analyze and compare national data from countless indicators. Just a few examples include: total tax rate (% of profits), time required to start a business (days), passenger cars (per 1,000 people).

CIA Guide To Country Comparisons chart

CIA Guide to Country Comparisons

The CIA's World Factbook compares countries using presorted lists of data from 76 selected data fields (generally in descending order).

Global Innovation Index chart

Global Innovation Index

Use indicators that go beyond standard measures (such as simple R&D spending), to compare innovation between countries.

Geert Hofstede Dimensions of National Culture chart


Popular country comparison tool that scientifically measures countries on the dimensions of national culture. (Culture being defined as "the collective mental programming of the human mind which distinguishes one group of people from another.")

IndexMundi chart


Compare country rankings for a wide range of criteria, from birth rate, death rate, literacy, and inflation rate, to electricity consumption, internet use, military manpower and more.

interactive equivalent country comparisons India map

Interactive Equivalent Country Comparisons

Find out which countries parallel the states, provinces and/or territories of the United States, China, India and Brazil (based on GDP and population).