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Fiji’s business environment has long been hindered by uncertainty. Blessed with natural resources and warm tropical beaches, it has the potential to be a stable and prosperous economy. Unfortunately, political instability and the product of such – low investment, uncertain property rights, loss of tourism, a government unable to manage a budget – has led to persistent underachievement and low growth. And ironically, the very fact of Fiji’s underachievement, makes it a compelling case for investment. When Fiji finally elects a competent government, a better business climate is sure to facilitate growth across the entire economy, from its agriculture and resource sectors, to construction and its evolving service sector.

Key parts of the economy include fishing, timber, gold & sliver mining, sugar production, copra, ginger, tourism, clothing, cottage industries, subsistence farming, hydropower, a potential for offshore oil development. Remittances from Fijians working abroad is also an important source of foreign exchange.

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