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Pakistan business conditions, while not ideal, are manageable and present some unique opportunities. The most obvious are in the areas of agriculture, food processing, textiles and apparel. Agriculture is the backbone of the nation’s economy, accounting for more than one-fifth of output and roughly two-fifths of employment. Textiles (garments, bed linen, cotton cloth, yarn, carpets), account for most of Pakistan’s export earnings. And despite the importance of these two traditional industries, its the service sector that accounts for the largest portion of modern Pakistan’s output. Service sector start-ups will not only enjoy a large populace (10th largest labour market in the world), but one in which English is used as an official language. Other important drivers of the economy include chemical, iron and steel production, plus a large expat labour pool that sends home billions of dollars in remittances annually. Challenges facing the Pakistani economy, those that Pakistan business ventures must be aware of, include low growth and high inflation (a problem that has driven increasing numbers of a growing population into poverty), plus high levels of political instability and corruption.

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