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Slovenia business prospects are largely correlated to the economic health of its key trade partners within the European Union. Highly dependent on foreign trade, Slovenian business conditions remain competitive thanks to a well-educated workforce, well-developed infrastructure, and the nation’s strategic location between the Balkans and Western Europe. Almost two-thirds of people are employed in services, and over one-third in industry and construction. The main industries are ferrous metallurgy, lead and zinc smelting, production of aluminum products, machinery, motor vehicles, electronics, fuels, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and wood products. A key part of the service sector, Slovenian tourism, offers a wide variety of natural and cultural amenities, including skiing in the striking Julian Alps (northwestern Slovenia) and a myriad of casinos for one of Europe’s most vibrant gaming destinations.

Despite its economic success, foreign direct investment (FDI) in Slovenia has lagged behind the regional average. Taxes remain relatively high, while a less flexible labour market hampers industrial competitiveness on the international market. Other issues facing Slovenia business ventures include economic disparities between regions and the increasing burden of a rapidly aging population.

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