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Lithuania business conditions are some of the most accommodating in the European Union. The nation attracts foreign investors not only because of a small tax burden, but also because of a skilled, multilingual workforce, a well-developed infrastructure, and a bigger domestic market than the other two Baltic states combined. Significant Lithuanian industries include agriculture, food processing, furniture manufacturing, chemical production, automotive and engineering. Lithuania also has an ambitious plan to become a leader in high-tech sectors and knowledge-based services. Companies ranging from biotechnology, IT, and software development, to consulting, finance and logistics have already established a presence, thanks in part to special incentives offered within FEZs (free economic zones) in Kaunas and Klaipėda. The tourism sector is also becoming increasingly important for the Lithuanian economy. The nation boasts untouched ecological attractions (rivers, lakes and forests), a well-developed rural tourism network, coastal beaches, and four UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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