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Business Financing Ideas

Business financing is one of the biggest issues for entrepreneurs. After all, the majority of startups, even if they are exceedingly good ideas, fail due to inadequate finances. In order to guide entrepreneurs through the key question "How am I going to fund my business?", we have constructed a dynamic list of funding options. Feel free to add to or comment on any of the business financing ideas listed below.

Benefits of Business Seller Financing

Unlike real estate, where the buyer is expected to go out and get his/her own mortgage, or a business startup where you have to bootstrap or find your own financing, buying an existing business has the option of seller financing. In fact, roughly 80% of small business deals involve some kind of seller financing. What […]

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business seller financing terms

Terms of a Seller Financed Business Loan

Seller financing (or “seller carry”), is a loan provided by the seller of a business to the purchaser. When selling their business, many sellers find it advantageous to “carry” all or a part of the purchase price. While an understanding of seller financing is pertinent for every business buyer and seller, the terms and final […]

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business seller financing contracts

Business Seller Financing Contracts

Below are some of the key documents that should be included in business seller financing. To see examples of each document, visit LawDepot.com. The contracts are signed in order to protect the interests of both the business buyer and seller. To ensure all agreements are drafted properly, it is highly recommended that you seek the […]

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economic development organizations

Economic Development Organizations

Economic Development Organizations often oversee programs that guarantee small-business loans and encourage banks and other institutions to fund businesses they might otherwise turn down. In other instances they may be willing to lend you part of your funding requirements, at a fair interest rate, if you are unable to secure all of your financing from […]

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Africa Financing

BSL Home Renoes (Manzini, m200, Swaziland) We finance African and international individuals for business start ups. There is a great need for business financing and development, particularly on the African continent. As a real estate developer, we are looking to fund more entrepreneurs and help launch and grow their business ideas. Individuals must have optimistic […]

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