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South Asia is home to over one fifth of the world’s population, making it both the most populous and most densely populated geographical region in the world. Such demographics create both opportunity and challenges for South Asia Business. The region, according to the poverty data of World Bank, has more than 40% of the population living on less than the International Poverty Line of $1.25 per day (2005).

With sustained job growth and a substantial decrease in poverty, it is easy to see the potential for any business that gains a foothold on the subcontinent. While the challenge of creating employment and integrating into the world economy will be difficult, it is not insurmountable.  South Asia, after all, already uses English as its business language, while its knowledge based industries – such as software development and telecommunications – are amongst the world’s best. Combine these benefits with a continual push to improve education, infrastructure and governance, and it is reasonable to expect growth rates for South Asia business to continue to exceed those of developed nations for decades to come.

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